Ganoobies provides patients with a high quality, cannabis infused edible.

Ganoobies is a California based not-for-profit collective.

We make only the highest quality medical edibles for patients, crafted from all natural ingredients and skillfully combined with superfoods and cannabis. We  lab-test every batch to ensure consistent THC potency.

Let everyday be a Ganoobie day ( filled with laughter ).

Our mission is to go beyond simply delivering a better edible, it includes a commitment to customer service, food safety, and business integrity.

Who we are and what we’re about.

We started Ganoobies  because we thought that we could put the pot in pot pie.

Our goal is to offer tastier and healthier foods at a low micro dose. We pooled our talents, love of cooking and personal style into our products. If you’ve tried one of our food creations  you’ll know exactly what we are talking about.


Everyone’s level of tolerance to cannabis is quite different, it is definitely not a one size fits all. The longer a person uses marijuana they  will  build up certain tolerances that will allow them to ingest higher levels of cannabis (THC) . New medical marijuana patients using cannabis for the first time will need to start slow and build up their tolerance before they can comfortably medicate themselves. Just like other herbs there are many types of cannabis flower,  each will have a slightly different effect depending on the strain and the actual amounts of THC (the psycho active element which gives the high).  So not all edibles are the same. When you start medicating go slow and low.


Experts recommend that beginners start with a dose of 5 or 10 milligrams of THC. 10 to 25 milligrams of THC is considered a moderate dose. At the other end of the spectrum, some patients who regularly rely on edibles to replace prescription pharmaceuticals may require hundreds of milligrams of THC. For patients who are new to edibles or simply prefer lower doses, low-dose edibles reduce the risk of accidentally eating too much. One Ganoobies  product contains 10 mg of THC.



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